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First return (Bought by mistake) - Did I do this correctly? See all

2020-9-13 23:00:41
I authorized the return then sent the buyer a message saying “Please keep in mind the original expedited shipping and return shipping costs will be deducted from the refund.”

I don’t plan on taking any other deduction unless the item arrives in a different condition than was sent.

I will deduct the expedited shipping cost the buyer paid and the return shipping costs from the refund once the item arrives.

How do we find out how much the return label costs? When I shipped the item out I did not use an amazon label. I used a 3rd party service and uploaded the tracking details to the order on amazon.

Does this all sound correct?

Most likely I will just deduct the expedited shipping costs x2. Comes out to be $14 total on a $90 item and that is about how much I would have spent on shipping the item there and back.